Wet End Chemicals

  Refining Aid


  • Enhances restores fiber strength, reduces refining energy requirements, and increases inter-fiber bonding through fibrillation while increasing drainage rates and avoiding fiber breaking. All these effects in conjunction dramatically improve the liner and kraft paper manufacturing process.
  • Enhances the drainage rates of recycled fibers by a selective and partial hydrolysis of fine particles.
  • Disperses stickies and other contaminants improving paper quality.

  •   Dry Strength Resins


  • DSR is basically used to impart the strength to the paper.
  • As it improves the strength, the costly imported pulp can be reduced thus reducing cost.
  • Improved machine runnability due to better drainage, lower steam demand.
  • Increased filler loading.
  • Balances system charge.

  •   Retention Chemicals


  • Improves formation
  • Improves quality of paper
  • Improves strength
  • Improves drainage
  • Improves production
  • Helps in closing water loop

  •   Drainage Improving Enzymes

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