PTSC CREPE 6188 is an oil based crepe release aid containing a blend of oils, esters and nonionic surfactants that makes this product easily emulsify in water. PTSCCREPE 6188 is specifically formulated as an effective crepe release in the manufacturing of tissue and towel products. It is compatible with all commercial crepe adhesives, to provide the proper balance for effective creping.


  • Excellent releases
  • Effective in hard water
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Economical - concentrated product
  • Increases blade life
  • Complies with FDA regulations 21 CFR 176.170 and 176.180
Product PTSCA-16
Appearance Clear to Slightly Hazy, Yellow - Amber Liquid
Flash Point > 100°C
Specific Gravity (25°C) 0.88 - 0.94
Solubility (Water) Emulsify
*The product properties are not intended as quality control specifications

Guidelines for use

PTSCCREPE 6188 is applied through the spray boom onto the Yankee dryer surface. Our representative will recommend the optimum dosage rates and delivery system required for your process.

Handling and Compatability

Diaphragm pump with Teflon diaphragm, PVC, 316 SS drum transfer or air diaphragm pumps are recommended for feeding. Refer to Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information relative to this product before handling.

Regulatory Information

PTSC CREPE6188 is manufactured in compliance with the regulations of 21 FDA 176.170 and 176.180.

Packaging and Storage

PTSC CREPE 6188 is available in 210-litre capacity drum and 1,000-litre capacity tote bin. PTSC CREPE 6188 should be stored at 10 - 40 ° C .Recommended shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.