Paper Press Adhesives

  Surface Sizing Chemicals


  • Increased production of coated grades.
  • Usage of higher filler content.
  • Switching over from the usage of GCC to PCC as the filler.
  • Increased usage of recycled paper.
  • Closure of mill backwater loops.
  • Higher demands from printing technology.
  • Higher demands for the packaging materials.

  •   Oxidised Starches


  • Used to improve the surface strength of paper.
  • Improves the surface properties of the paper and board.
  • Starch improves the surface strength of the paper by binding the loose fibres on the paper surface.
  • For this application Oxidised starches are used.
  • Wax pick is the parameter for Uncoated papers to assess the performance of the starch and IGT is the parameter for Coated papers.
  • Surface sizing improves the smoothness of the paper.Improves the Stiffness and Printability of the paper/paper board.
  • Reduces the porosity of the sheet and improves the Coating hold-out in the succeeding converting stage.
  • Reduces the dusting at the paper converting stage.

  •   Native Starch Conversion Enzyme

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