Anionic Surface Sizing (PSIZEX-30)


P-SIZEX-30 is usually applied in the size press/metering size press in combination with starch, but it can also simply be diluted with water. It can be added in batches or continuously, the latter method being more versatile in that it enables levels of addition to be adjusted more quickly as circumstances demand.

The paper does not necessarily have to be sized at the wet end before P-SIZEX-30 is applied, but this can be an effective means of controlling the extent to which the size solution is able to penetrate.

The recommended concentration 5 g/l and 20 g/l of P-SIZEX-30 are required for hard-sized paper, if it is applied on size press in water, depending on factors such as whether any size is added at the wet end, etc. This can be combined with starch in concentrations between 20 g/L and 130 g/L.

It is compatible with the nonionic and cationic auxiliaries that are applied to paper in the size press/metering size press.

P-SIZEX-30 has no detrimental effects on brightness, and it does not impair the fluorescent activity of optical brighteners.

Chemical nature - Styrene acrylate dispersed emulsion.

Physical Form - Mobile, yellow brownish dispersion.

Product P-SIZEX 30
Solids content (DIN ISO 1625-D) 28±2%
Ionic charge Cationic
pH 4.0±1

P-SIZEX-30 can be combined with starch, direct dyes, acid dyes, fluorescent brighteners and other anionic and nonionic substances, but it is always advisable to take the precaution of testing its compatibility in advance.