Retention Aid (P FLOC)


P-FLOC is recommended to be used after preparing the solution in a range maximum up to 5 GPL concentrations and the final concentration at the point of addition should be 0.5 GPL. The best point of addition is in thin stock either before or after the pressure screen depending upon the machine response.

Solution Preparation

To prepare a ready to use polymer solution it is recommended to use suitable make-down equipment which provides a homogenous and lump free solution and a minimum holding time of 60 minutes prior to application. In-line filtration of the polymer solution is recommended.

P-FLOC is a cationic polyacrylamide powder to serve the purpose of retention of fines and fillers in paper & board production.

Product PTSCA-16
Appearance White to off white powder
pH (0.2% solution) 7±1
Bulk density 0.80 g/ml
% NVS 90 ±5
Emulsion Charge Cationic
Shelf Life 12 Months


Material Safety Data Sheet

This chemical is declared in "NON-HAZARDOUS" category

Chemical Handling Instruction

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Wear protective shoes - Spilled substance increases risk for slipping
  • Do not flush with water. Dam up. Soak up with neat absorbent material. If liquid has been split in large quantities clean up promptly by scoop or vacuum.

Action in case of contact with Chemical

  • Wash with plenty of soap & water
  • Does not cause harm/irritation to skin
  • In case of swallowing of the chemical immediately allow vomiting & contact doctor
  • Fish - LC50/Fathead minnows/96h>1000mg/l
  • Algae - EC 50 / Selenastrum capricornutum /96h >500 mg/l
  • Bioaccumulation - The product is not expected to bioaccumulate.
  • Degradability / Persistence - Readily biodegradable