Fixing Aid (P FIX)


P-FIX is recommended to use after dilution with fresh water in any concentration preferably 50-300 GPL in thick stock of pulp. The best point of addition is thick stock line which leads to Fan pump or suction of machine chest pump.

Solution Preparation

Water is to be added into the chemical, Not Vise-Versa

P-FIX is a copolymer of epichlorohydrin and alkylamine which extends high cationicity to the fiber to neutralize its anionicity to reduce its potential difference with respect to the ionic charge of AKD molecule, in order to fix the AKD molecule to the fiber being used in paper production.

Product P FIX
Appearance Colorless Liquid
pH 5±1
Specific Gravity at 30°C 1.11±0.02
Total Solids (min.) 50 ±1
Emulsion Charge Cationic
Shelf Life 6 Month


Material Safety Data Sheet

This chemical is declared in "NON-HAZARDOUS" category

Chemical Handling Instruction

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Wear protective shoes - Spilled substance increases risk for slipping
  • Do not flush with water. Dam up. Soak up with neat absorbent material. If liquid has been split in large quantities clean up promptly by scoop or vacuum.

Action in case of contact with Chemical

  • Wash with plenty of soap & water
  • Does not cause harm/irritation to skin
  • In case of swallowing of the chemical immediately allow vomiting & contact doctor

Use Fire Extinguisher Grade “B”

Use respiratory protection independent of recirculated air.

Ecological Information

Effects in sewage treatment plants (bacteria toxicity: respiration / reproduction inhibition) according to present experience, no adverse effects on water purification plants.