Coating Chemicals



  • Binder modifies the properties of coating color ( e g rheology, water retention) or coating
  • Binder are either modified natural products ( I e starch or protein based) or synthetic polymers. They form a film, whose properties combine with those of the pigment to give the desired coated paper properties.

  •   Co-Binder


  • Is a secondary binder used along with primary binder to improve the rheological properties of the coating color.
  • Used as a Binder in the formulation.
  • Develops higher water retention to the coating color.
  • Improves the surface strength of the coated paper.
  • Reduction in coating slip cost.
  • Improvement in the stiffness of the coated paper/paper board.
  • Potato starch is preferred due its clear,stable and high binding power characteristic.
  • Better ink adsorbency(receptivity).
  • Compatible with all kinds of Latex.
  • Better rheology,less mottling, low odour and taste,less yellowing and stable viscosity.

  •   Insolubilizer


  • Improves the water resistance and wet rub resistance of the adhesive for offset grades and when printing by water based inks.