PTC-A19 AKD Wax Emulsion

Alkyl Ketene Dimer

PTC-A19 is a standard starch-stabilized, alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) size dispersion, for the sizing of paper and board under alkaline conditions. All products have a low ketone content, and display low agglomeration. At normal dosage levels, PTC-A19 products do not significantly quench optical brightening agents (OBAs, FWAs) so they are particularly suitable for use when whiteness is important, such as in uncoated fine papers.

PTC-A19 AKD Emulsion which is a reactive size and is a highly efficient sizing chemical. It is specifically designed to enhance drainage and optimize sizing efficient in most paper making systems. We manufacture different grades of AKD Emulsion different types of papers. Our emulsion are uniquely formulated to work effectively paper industry. These Emulsion provides excellent resistance to a wide variety of penetrates and react directly with cellulose ro provide sizing. In India, we are one of the leading manufactures and exporter of AKD Wax Emulsion. We manufactures various grades of AKD Emulsion for Different types of paper and specifications for one of grade is as follows.

Appearance Milky white emulsion
pH 3 – 4
Specific Gravity at 30°C 1 - 1.2
Total Solids (min.) 18.5+19%
Emulsion Charge Cationic
Shelf Life 90 days
Particle Size 80% Less than 1 Micron

Chemical Nature

  • Alkyl Ketene Dimer
  • Physical form: White Emulsion
  • Lonic charge: Cationic

The cationic starch which stabilize PTC-A19 has excellent substantivity for papermaking fibres under neutral and alkaline conditions, ensuring that the size is well retained. During the drying of the paper, the AKD wax melt and spreads over the surface of the fibres, where it undergoes an esterification reaction. The reacted AKD is thus bonded to the fibres with the hydrophobic portions of the molecule oriented away from the fibre surface, giving the sizing effect.

Provides economical sizing performance in most grades of paper and paperboard Excellent substantively due to the stabilizing cationic starch

  • No significant quenching of OBA/FWA
  • Good curing rates
  • Works at pH range of 7.1 - 7.5
  • Low foaming characteristics.
  • Compatible with retention & drainage aid systems, and especially the advanced microparticle technologies Added to the thick stock at a point of high shear for optimum distribution in the stock.